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Conducting internet searches for free literature and other Publications


Why literature?.

We can conduct your literature searches for you!

Just send us the topic we will reply you of our charges and after payment we will deliver the result of our searches right into your email box.

  • its so easy & affordable
  • it saves your time
  • it saves your money
  • and it saves you all the stress and worries

Send us your topic now

Yes literature!, there are so much materials in the internet which spans through almost every topics. The excess of this same thing is turning to a very big disadvantage since it is becoming excessively difficult to sniff through millions of entries in search of a particular material for either research or personal study purpose.

This is exactly what we want to help you with because, we understand

  • that information is indispensable to you, in your career as a scholars.
  • that most time as a scholar, you are often very busy with your studies and wouldn't like to waste unnecessary time in search of a particular material or information
  • that you may not be very good in the use of the right keywords that would help you pinpoint the exact material or reference you are in need of.
  • you would better not waste lots of resource without getting any or enough relevant literature to suit your purpose.

What can UFUMES SCHOLARS offer you as regard all this?

Yes, we can help you conduct internet searches and obtain free literatures relevant to the subject matter of your interest.

Our staffs are very proficient in the art of literature acquisition, We know the right keywords to use, we know the right online database to visit and we also know how to sniff out the highly relevant materials from the irrelevant ones.

We intend to do all this and finally deliver the product of our researches right into your email box while you are busy with other scholarly works.

The ranges and types of search we can conduct for you includes;

  • Getting materials for your term paper writeups
  • Getting materials for your seminar write ups
  • Materials for your lecture notes
  • Getting materials for your scientific and non scientific research works
  • Getting materials for your book write ups and so on.

You can send us the reference of the work you are interested in and we will acquire the full text for you (ie if it is free) or we will link you to where you can purchase it

All the internet searches that we will do for you must be strictly for educational and research purposes alone, we do not accept internet searches for non educational purpose.

For all literature search works,

Send us a mail ( containing the following information and we would reply you on how much we will charge you for the service.

  1. The title /or topic of what you want us to conduct search on
  2. The department or subject the work is relevant to (e.g. biochemistry, estate management, political science etc)
  3. What the material would be used for ( e.g. for seminar write up, for research or project works, for term paper , for lecture notes preparation etc)
  4. Your educational status (e.g. undergraduate, lecturers , post graduate etc)

Our fees are very affordable and our service very professional . We accepts payment directly into Nigerian bank account or into our liberty reserve account

You will surely be pleased!


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Please report such impersonating cases to us. You can contact us with +2348067817864 or mail us on

Thanks for your trust and continued patronage.


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