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Plotting your graphs online with UFUMES SCHOLARS


It is true that just one picture tells the story more than thousands of lines of prints. This is exactly what graph does to your result. A proper graphical presentation of a result tells more than many lines of words and paragraphs of sentences, It gives more significance and credit to your work, it indicates the likeliness or un likeliness of the presence of an error, the entire summary of the work can be gotten at a glance amongst other benefit.

Sometimes, one may find it hard to create the electronic form of a hand-drawn graph in exactly the same way as the hand drawn graph. This is the solution that we intend to offer scholars here.

We can help you present your results in a publication-quality graphical form, We can also offer you advice on the appropriate choice of graph to be used for a particular result.

The amount we charge to help you plot your graphs is as follows

For mono typed graph (see graph 005 ) N100 ( $1 ) is charged per graph
For multi-typed graph, (see graph 006), N200 or ($2) is charged per graph.

  1. Pay in the required fee
  2. On payment send us ( the following information
    1. Your department or subject matter of the work
    2. Your educational status( e.g. doctor, undergraduate student etc)
    3. Your mobile number
    4. Graph type: (bar chart, Pie chart, line chart, multiple bar chart
    5. Graph format number: (see the different graph formats)
    6. Modifications to the chosen format (if present : modification includes color changes, absence or presence of error bars, etc)
    7. Your X and Y data (properly labeled X and Y data that would be used to plot the graph, if it should contain error bar, include the error value of each points to)
    8. Scanned picture of the hand drawn graph ( optional, only required if you did not see any close graph format and you cannot effectively describe it to us.)
    9. Your payment information which should includes:
      1. The bank teller number (for those that paid into our bank account)
      2. The Bank's branch
      3. Your Liberty Reserve number: (for those that paid into our liberty reserve)
      4. Your Liberty Reserve account name: (for those that paid into our liberty reserve)

More graph formats can be accessed here

Our payment details


If you require more information or clarification about this service, feel free to contact us on +2348067817864 or

graph 005

Graph 005: An example of single graph

Graph 006: An example of multiple graph

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