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Publishing your lecture notes in the internet


Publishing your lecture notes in the internet

In just this three steps, your lecture note is on its way to be published online.

  • Create a profile (A brief registration!)
  • We would assign you a profile ID &
  • you can now be sending us your lecture notes.
    • Its free
    • Its very easy &
    • its rewarding

Publish your lecture notes now

There are many ways to make impacts and contribution to the educational community, to some it is by writing and publishing new articles in journals , to others it is by making novel discoveries in their area of specialties, while to others, it is their way of impacting knowledge to their student, regardless of which type , one message is clear from them all, the advancement of knowledge to the educational community.

Publishing lecturer notes on the internet is another way of advancing knowledge in the educational community: imagine a scenario where a student is able to access different lecture notes published by lecturers in different schools.The student would surely benefit more from the synergistic knowledge obtained from this lecture notes.

We appreciate the important contributions made by lecturers by creating lecture notes for their student, we also understand that these days, most student prefer to have their material's in electronic or computer printed form, We also know that some university portals does not accept and publish their lecturer's lecture notes in the internet.

That is why we created an avenue for lecturers from different schools and discipline to freely publish their lecture notes in the internet and also opportunity for student to consult as much note as they require to understand their school work.

We strive to creating a database of lecture notes where lecturers can also draw more information to update their notes.

Other benefit you would derive by publishing your lecture notes in the internet

  • You would gain more popularity and international recognitions by having your lecture notes published online
  • You would gain more respect from your students and colleagues
  • You would save yourself the stress of rewriting turn and worn out lecture notes
  • Your reputation as a lecturer grows

Guide on getting your lecture notes in the internet

You are three step away from publishing your lecture note online

  1. Create a profile (a brief registration containing your information)
  2. We will assign you a profile ID and
  3. you can now send us your lecture notes

Creating your profile
To create a profile with us, send the following information to

  1. Your name(surname first)
  2. Your title ( Mr/Mrs/Dr/Professor etc)
  3. GSM number
  4. official position occupied (HOD, staff adviser)
  5. Your clear picture (optional)
  6. Email address
  7. Department
  8. Institution
  9. Address of institution
  10. email address

When sending us your lecture notes, supply us with the following information

  1. Your profile ID
  2. The course code
  3. The course title
  4. The main lecture note attached as a file or within the body of the email.
  5. Links to website that you recommend the student to consult for further reading (copy the link directly from the address tool bar and place each link in separate lines)
  6. References to other book you recommend that the student consult for for further reading

Other instructions

  • We would create and assign you with a unique profile ID, after your initial registration
  • We would send you the URL to the published lecture note with two weeks of its publication, for urgent publications , notify us in the mail you would send to us
  • We would make all your lecture notes available in the internet free of charge to interested students

If you have further questions and recommendations concerning this service, feel free to notify us through our mail,

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You are entirely responsible for the content of the lecture notes we publish on your behave, you will also be held responsible for any right infringements resulting from its online publication.


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Thanks for your trust and continued patronage.


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