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All right reserved. The entire contents of UFUMES' SCHOLARS websites is protected by copyright laws. UFUMES SCHOLARS is free for educational use and research purposes only. Access to our online educational resources use is limited to online browsing, viewing and use only. Access to the free publications hosted on our website is limited to online and offline reading and printing only. No part of the website may be edited, copied or reproduced without the consent of UFUMES.

Scholarly works publication and sales

UFUMES accepts genuine scholarly works from students (post graduates and undergraduates) and non students for publication and monetization in the internet at a fee

All the publications published here have not being reviewed in any way by us and some of them are student's work (usually indicated).

Your consulting and purchasing any of the articles is entirely at your own risk, we will not be held responsible for any misinformation that could result from consulting any of the publications. Cautions should be raised when consulting the works.

The fact that we publish any work does not mean that UFUMES or any of our staff endorse its accuracy or authenticity, or does it suggest our agreement with the philosophy or idea contained in the work.

The contents of works published in UFUMES SCHOLARS are entirely the author's opinion which has not been reviewed or altered by UFUMES or any of our staff.

We are not journals publisher, neither are we Book publishers, we only publish works in the internet especially for those who cant afford to publish their works in journals. We still acknowledge the relevance of publishing works in journals over ordinarily online publishing.

If your right is by any way infringed upon, by the publication of any work on UFUMES SCHOLARS, send your complaints to, your complaints would be attended to.

Online Transactions outside of UFUMES SCHOLARS

UFUMES does not guarantee and is not responsible for any business transacted outside UFUMES SCHOLARS, i.e. between a prospective buyer of any article or publication and the direct author.

All transaction as regards any publication should be done with UFUMES SCHOLARS. If you insist on transacting business with the direct author of the work, it is advised that you deal with him/her in person.

We are also not responsible for any financial transaction that is done with any of our affiliate member .

The sole aim of the affiliation scheme is to promote the patronage of our service. Affiliate members should not be confused as our staffs. Please report any Impersonatory activity to us by mailing us at

Online review of affiliate programs

We are not responsible for any of the sites we suggest to offer affiliate program. We have not participated in their affiliate program in the past, so we do not have detail knowledge about their activity. You are advised to look before you leap

Free eBooks download and free online libraries

We do not host any free eBook on our server, what we do is to link to site that host interesting free eBooks. That we provide link to a site does not mean that we trust the site, hence caution should be raised when downloading any free eBook, it might not be entirely free from virus.

We are also not responsible for the activity of any of the sites we provide link to.

We do not claim that we've done an exhaustive review of sites that host free eBooks,or free online libraries, more sites could be found by conducting more searches with search engines.



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All transactions with UFUMES Scholars should be done with the contacts placed on this site.

We don’t approve and are not responsible for any financial transactions done with any of our affiliate member.

Please report such impersonating cases to us. You can contact us with +2348067817864 or mail us on

Thanks for your trust and continued patronage.


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